Korean Hostel in Spain (2019)


Korean Hostel in Spain (2019)

TV Show , Variety , Korean | 11 Sub


We have a room! We even have food! Three men have rolled up their sleeves to provide solace to those who are tired from a long journey. In the middle of the 800km journey known as the Camino de Santiago, a small hostel opened up. Producer Na Young Seok teams up with Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hai Jin from “Three Meals a Day” once again to create Korean Hostel in Spain. Through “Three Meals a Day”, Cha Seung Won’s talent for cooking homemade Korean dishes have been acknowledged. That, in combination with Yoo Hai Jin’s passion for traveling, this hostel is sure to be a success. Joining them is model and actor, Bae Jung Nam, whom everyone is familiar with through his appearances in “Mr. Sunshine” and “Mom’s Diary”. Enjoy their banter and warm your hearts with the stories shared through Korean Hostel in Spain.
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