Gangnam Scandal (2018)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 강남 스캔들
  • Also known as: 江南醜聞
  • Directors: Yoon Ryu Hae
  • Air time: 2,3,4,5,6 at 08:40
  • Broadcast Period: 26/11/2018 to ??
  • Watch online

Gangnam Scandal (2018)

강남 스캔들,江南醜聞

TV Series , Melodrama , Romance , Korean | Completed


Eun So Yoo works as a stylist. She struggles to make enough money to pay for her mother's operation fee. Due to a case, So Yoo gets involved with Choi Seo Joon. He is rich and from a chaebol family. So Yoo pretends to love him for his money, but she falls truly in love with him. Seo Joon has an in incurable disease. He is more interested in playing around than working and he doesn't believe in true love.
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Choo Kwi Jung Oh Geum Hee [Eun So Yoo's mother] Support Role
Lee Chang Team Leader Lee Support Role
Im Chae Moo Choi Jin Bok [LX Group Chairman] Support Role
Kyun Mi Ri Jang Mi Ri Support Role
Park Hye Ryun Unknown Screenwriter
Kim Kwang Min Mo Tae Woong [Choi Seo Hyung's husband] Support Role
Lee Yoo Jin Choi Seo Hyung [Choi Jin Bok's eldest daughter] Support Role
Moon Seo Yeon Choi Seo Kyung [Choi Jin Bok's second daughter] Support Role
Won Ki Joon Bang Yoon Tae [Choi Seo Kyung's husband] Support Role
Min Ji Young Bang Soo Kyung Support Role
Jang Jung Hee President Ko Support Role
Bang Eun Hee Hong Baek Hee [Hong Se Hyun's mother] Main Role
Seo Do Young Hong Se Hyun Main Role
Im Yoon Ho Choi Seo Joon Main Role
Shin Go Eun Eun So Yoo Main Role
Hwang Bo Mi Myung Ji Yoon Main Role
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